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Scientifically Motivated

By introducing axioms and algroithms, Axiomatic Design establishes a science base for areas such as design and manufacturing.

Fostering Creativity

Axiomatic Design enhances creativity by eliminating bad ideas early and thus helps channel the effort of designers.

Producing Results

By separating objectives from the means and defining a structured decomposition process, Axiomatic Design helps achieve proposed research objectives.

Welcome to Axiomatic Design

Axiomatic design, originally developed by Nam Suh at MIT about thirty years ago, has been shown to markedly improve designs while shortening the design cycle. The axioms are clear, simple rules that guide the design process to best possible solution for the desired functions. Axiomatic design can be applied to the design of products, processes, projects, and systems. It has been called one of the most important engineering developments of the last century.